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Inflatable work platform

Inflatable work platform

Buitink Technology has developed a unique inflatable work platform for silos. This inflatable platform has a self-supporting, load-bearing ability thanks to static friction force.

Among its other applications, the platform can be used as a height-adjustable work floor in silos. Our inflatable work floor allows inspections, maintenance or renovation work to be carried out in silos at any height. The work floor is also ideal for cleaning silos because, in addition to acting as a work platform, it provides a dust-proof seal!

The perfect alternative: our inflatable work floor

Buitink's innovative inflatable silo platform is the perfect alternative to complex and labour-intensive scaffolding or heavy, suspended aluminium work platforms!

The inflatable work platform is positioned at the right height using four straps, after which it is inflated to the appropriate pressure.

The silo platform then holds itself in place all around and 'clings' to the inner surface of the silo thanks to static friction force. The straps serve as an aid to setting the height and as a safety feature (in the event of a pressure failure, the platform will remain suspended from the straps).

Inflate up silo platform, fast and simple

Height-adjustable inflatable work platform

When the work has been completed at one height, you leave the platform, let some air out of the chamber and reposition the platform at a new working height using the adjustable straps. After reinflation, work can be resumed. Repositioning is extremely quick and very simple!

The silo platform can be connected to compressed air using a pressure reducing valve that can be set to between 350 and 1,000 mbar. We can also supply a (230V) electric pump with automatic pressure monitoring that keeps the platform at the right pressure.

Properties inflatable platform

The platform shown on the photos and in the video clip has a diameter of about three metres and a depth of 34 cm when inflated.

At an internal pressure of 350 mbar (0.35 bar), the work platform has a self-supporting load bearing capacity due to the static friction force of approximately 1,000 kg. The weight of a platform with a diameter of three metres is only 33 kg (4.7 kg/m2). When folded or rolled up, the package is no larger than 30 cm (diameter) x 310 cm (length).

Advantages of Buitink inflatable work platform

The Buitink inflatable work platform is:

  • Is very lightweight (only about 4.7 kg/m2);
  • Is flexible (can be rolled up or folded) and therefore takes up very little storage and transport space;
  • When folded, it can be inserted into a silo through very small openings (manholes or smaller);
  • Is very quick and easy to assemble; a lot of assembly and dismantling time is saved;
  • Also acts as a seal to catch dust and materials that are produced during maintenance work;
  • Is very durable due to the use of wear-resistant materials with high tear resistance;
  • Can easily be repaired by the user if damaged.

Platform 4 meters in diameter

We created a platform (4 meters in diameter) as shown in the pictures below. Used for reparing the wall of a large silo. Features of this platform:

  • Size rolled (to spend manhole): 25 cm diameter and 410 cm in length;
  • Size folded up (transport): 40 x40 x 95 cm;
  • Inflatable platform weight: 52 kg;
  • Weight optional anti-slip mat: 40 kg.

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