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For Danpe it's important to give extra inputs to the sustainability of the society and the environment on top of the minimum requirements by law, already imposed by the government.

Besides certain obvious and easy to reach internal measures (as for example separation of wastes, saving lighting, digital treatment of documents etc.) we focus on the following main points:

  • Reuse/ recycling of PVC coated polyester fabric
  • Reuse/ recycling of ETFE foil
  • Development of sustainable products

PVC coated polyester fabric

Often we (and other companies) use PVC coated polyester fabric (PVC fabric) for various products.Think about covering canvas, truck canvas, tents, tensed membranes etc.


Example of the different layers of a PVC coated polyester fabric

PVC fabric is widely used for several reasons:

  • Relatively low costs;
  • Sustainability (many products that are realized from this product are based on a lifetime superior to 10 years or even permanent);
  • High availability;
  • Numerous colors available;
  • Various surface treatments possible (dirt repulsive, fire resistant etc.);
  • Easy to process and to print on.

Waste material is produced when pvc fabric is used as end product at:

  1. the processing of PVC fabric, e.g. as cut losses.
  2. the end of the product's life cycle.

Development of sustainable and environment friendly products

We are committed for a long time to the development of new products and production processes. Various factors determine our choice to develop a given product or to modify a production process. A major criterium is the sustainability of the product and its positive influence on the environment.

Criteria for a sustainable and/or environmentally friendly product:

  1. The product collects waste materials and prevents these to be diffused in the environment.
  2. The product is produced in a sustainable way, the impact on the environment is significantly lower than in the conventional production process.
  3. The use of this product gives a better protection of the environment then existing alternatives.

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