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Big flexible hoses

Big flexible hoses

Danpe develops and manufactures flexible hoses, e.g. for water transport. This product can be applied in situations where standard available hoses cannot be used, e.g. where a relatively large diameter is required. Inflate Works has a solution for these situations.

In the attached photos and videos you see a water hose with a diameter of 12 inches (approximately 305mm). Connecting various parts can make any length. The advantages are both flexibility and strength of the materials. Further customization is possible with regard to color, print, diameter, strength, fittings, length and so on.

Custom-made flexible water hose

In the attached pictures you see a water hose of about 12-inch diameter. By connecting several parts any length can be provided. The advantages are the flexibility of the material combined with the strength. Further, the material allows a large choice of colors, prints, diameters, strengths, junctions, lengths etcetera.

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