Flexible Solutions

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Pancake Liftbag

Pancake Liftbag

For lifting situations where there is very little space, Inflate Works  developed a lightweight, extremely flat and flexible solution: The Pancake Lift bag.

Our lifting bags are very strong and durable. The pneumatic lifting bags are filled with air pressure. This allows easy lifting of heavy loads.

Industrial solutions

We offer sustainable inflatable solutions for the industry. We like to work together with you to provide the best possible product.

Dimensions pancakes

We offer the pancakes in two formats:

  • Pancake Large: 1094 x 1952 mm
  • Pancake Small: 630 x 1346 mm

Lift capacities

The two charts below show the lift capacity in relation to the lifting height of the two types of pancakes.

Chart 1. Lift capacity Pancake Large


Chart 2. Lift capacity Pancake Small

More information

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