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Inflatable floats for ferry

Inflatable floats for ferry

Danpe develops, designs and builds in-house custom-made inflatable industrial applications. The basis of design usually is a specific technical complicated problem for which no standard solution is available.

In this case, Danpe designed an application consisting of inflatable floats, to raise and to float the rear end of a ferry. That part of the ferry weighs more than 1,300 tons!

Enlarge the ship

The objective of this project was to enlarge the ship. A new part was inserted in between the two parts of the ship cut in half. The successive activities were:

  • The ferry is cut in half.
  • The rear end of the ship is transferred out of the dock (on floats from Inflate Works).
  • A new part is welded to the existing front end.
  • The rear end of the ship is transferred into the dock again (on floats from Inflate Works).
  • The rear end is welded to the new part of the ship.


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