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Floating system to submerge a large dry dock

Floating system to submerge a large dry dock

On behalf of "Volker Rail Nederland BV", Danpe engineered, produced and installed an (inflatable) floating system, applied to support launching into the water and submerge a large dry dock.

This dry dock is used for repair activities of the "Grave" weir, heavily damaged at a collision in December 2016.

Besides supply and installation, Danpe has a team of specialists present at a location during operation to control the floating system. The floats having a diameter of 1.8 meters and a length of 3.5 meters. The lifting power is about 9000 kg.

Project Data:

Consultant: Ingenieursbureau Boorsma BV
Client Buitink: VolkerRail Nederland BV
Floating system: Danpe + Buitink Technology

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